Friday, May 30, 2014

Chiropractic Approach to Inside – Out Health

Chiropractic Approach to Inside – Out Health
Dr. Irma Palmer

As a wellness oriented Chiropractor specializing in total natural health, many enter my office looking for a new beginning with their health. I believe this journey is best approached from the inside out, where many of our health answers lie anyway. 

Health from the inside out isn't complicated.  Our bodies, designed by God, are self healing and regulating.  Examples of this truth exist all around us as when you cut your finger, your body mends it.  Therefore our body's natural state of health is powered by an amazingly designed nervous system.  This nervous system controls and coordinates all functions and systems of the human body from birth to our last breath.

Our brain, spinal cord and nervous system provide the electricity and conduit that allows the body to function 100 %, as God intended. However, should something interfere with this communication system at any particular level, then proper function will not occur.  For example, people who suffer from stomach and digestive issues have compromises in their middle back region.  The same is true for those who suffer from headaches or arm issues will have some form of compromise in the neck region. 

Have you ever wondered, since the body is able to mend cuts, heal fractured arms, regulate its temperature, maintain proper breathing cycles, etc.  Why can it not heal other health compromises as well?

In the Chiropractic profession we understand the constant truth regarding the body’s ability to heal and regulate. Therefore, when someone walks in with a health problem we also understand the solution resides within them.  It is my objective to determine where and at what level the spine and nervous system is compromised obstructing the proper nervous system flow and thus keeping the person from being as healthy as they were designed to be.   

God gave us everything we need to be happy healthy and productive in this life.  Total natural health via the Chiropractic approach provides a strategy to restoring our health from the inside out.  Remember, the four required lifestyle habits to express health on the outside truly begin on the inside anyway.  These necessities are a properly functioning spine and nervous system, a healthy diet of God’s foods, regular exercise, and lastly a healthy mind, heart and soul.  Follow these habits with your greatest effort and be amazed as your God given potential is restored and your health rejuvenated. 

Experience the remarkable difference chiropractic care can have on your health. Start looking at health from an inside out approach and the possibilities will amaze you. Contact our office or visit our web site at to make your appointment. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer- ADHD and Chiropractic

Summer – A perfect time for ADHD and Chiropractic

You may have been told that chiropractors treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Well, that’s just not the case. Chiropractors don’t “treat” ADHD. But, chiropractic care can definitely help children, and adults too, who suffer from it. The reason why chiropractic treatment is effective is that ADHD is a neurological disorder. Chiropractic adjustments are not only effective in reducing nervous system disturbances in general, but an adjustment can be intentionally directed to stimulate under-active areas of the brain and calm over-active areas as well.

Because a chiropractic approach to ADHD is natural and drug-free, a large number of parents choose chiropractic care over the conventional medical practice of giving children Class 2 psychotropic drugs that have intense side effects including personality changes and permanent alterations in the brain. As a result of chiropractic care, the vast majority of parents who’ve opted to utilize this natural approach for their children have noted marvelous behavioral changes.

Due to the differences between the manner in which boys and girls use the two hemispheres of their brain, ADHD seems to occur in more boys than girls and, additionally, for the same reason is often more  easily observable in the behavior of boys than of girls. Some of the symptoms that are most prominent include difficulty concentrating and sitting still, lack of ability to control impulsive thoughts and behaviors, easily distracted by noises and activities, constant movement of fingers, hands, arms, feet, or legs.

Quite a few children who manifest ADHD symptoms are hypersensitive to certain foods, such as dairy or gluten products, and sugars and artificial sweeteners. Furthermore, they generally have a hypersensitive reaction to additives in foods, herbicides and pesticides used to grow non-organic fruits and vegetables, and laundry products such as detergents, fabric softeners, and other chemicals. Often, the removal of these environmental agencies can go a long way in reducing ADHD symptoms.

Checking for spinal anomalies and certain responses to specific neurological tests are part of the thorough examination offered by chiropractors.

You may be able to assist your child in getting his or her life back in balance through natural, safe chiropractic care. Before taking drastic pharmaceutical measures, if your child displays the symptoms of ADHD, call our office today at Chiropractic Today to make an appointment for a complete evaluation. Call today for the health of your child!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Healthy Thinking

Over the past months I have written on a variety of topics, and they all come back to the central point of our health.  No matter what you choose to do, it is imperative to maintain your positive state of mind and focus on what your goals and dreams are.  For those who think they are too old or that their aspirations are unattainable need to remember that all things can be accomplished through God, especially with the right state of mind. 
Think of this, scientists tell us that much of our self-talk is negative, so learning to be kind and supportive in your mental chatter is a direct step toward a well mind. One wise practice is saying constructive things to yourself, like “I’m a good person, today’s going to be a great day, I can do this,” simple stuff like that. One of the most powerful tools you can use is saying affirmations, positive statements spoken aloud daily that focus your mind and establish a consistent tone of empowerment.
Try visualizing or imagining a desirable future helps to promote wellness by creating feelings of excitement, fun, and positive expectancy. It also sensitizes us to anything we come across in real life that reminds us of our vision, so we start to pick up on distinctions we might otherwise miss. There is even considerable evidence to suggest that visualization influences what happens, but one way or another, using your imagination is a constructive habit that adds to the wellness experience.
I also encourage you to establish your own goals.  You may ask me, "Why should I start thinking of my goals right now?  It is so close to the holidays and my time is very limited."  By setting goals you will be able to remain focused.  Your mind will be centered on productive activities and enhance self-esteem and personal growth. Success is a frequent by-product of a well mind, since the energy used to deal with mental and emotional issues can be reclaimed and reinvested in more fulfilling outcomes and achievements.
Meditation and prayer are useful wellness habits, too. Getting quiet inside and connecting with your higher self, or more formally giving thanks and appreciation to your Maker for your many blessings, are tried and true for adding to the wellness equation.
And as I have said before, you need to watch your nutritional intake.  This is another important factor which also contributes to mental and emotional wellness. You may crave or be addicted to sugar, salt and caffeine which may make you edgy, but often leads to dehydration that in turn causes psychological unrest, so drinking sufficient water is a crucial wellness habit. Vitamins and minerals play a major role in mind function, so a well-balanced nutritional regime, with lots of high water content foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, aids your body chemistry and enhances your psychological condition. Also, avoid foods with high concentrations of hormones, antibiotics, or additives, which may irritate your nerve system and cause symptoms.
And finally physical activity is essential for a wellness lifestyle, and it has a profound positive impact on your perception of reality. Breathing, stretching, or walking can both stimulate and relax you and more vigorous activity like aerobics, running or weight training keeps your machinery operating at peak efficiency.  Programs like Body For Life by Bill Phillips that incorporate exercise, proper diet and an optimistic outlook are likely to promote wellness between your ears as well as around your midsection.

The only aspect that many people forget is how Chiropractic fits in.  When you align physical structures like the spine and nerve system work hand in hand with alignment of the thinking, values and beliefs, to formulate the best possible internal environment, leading to optimum function and physiological freedom. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Chiropractic is not designed to make you instantly feel better. It is designed to make you instantly heal better.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Corporate Stock Worth Buying

A Corporate Stock worth Buying

You are the CEO of your own personal enterprise. In addition to whatever business you might be running or might be in, your personal corporation consists of the value you generate during your time on Earth.

Some persons such as government officials make choices and take actions that obviously affect the lives of many others. For most of us it may seem that we have less scope and reduced impact, but that is not necessarily so. Our choices and actions affect those people closest to us - our family, friends, and colleagues - and their choices and actions affect persons closest to them. An ever-widening series of ripples continues to flow, affecting more and more people, all stemming from the actions we take and the choices we make today.  As B.J Palmer said early on, “You never know how something you say, think or do will affect lives of millions tomorrow.”  If we haven't recognized this potential and this power, all that's required is raising our gaze to the horizon and widening our field of view.

In order for a corporation - a personal corporation - to be effective it needs to have a sound balance sheet. If there's a lot of red ink it's going to be difficult to be able to provide goods and services. Depletion of resources leads to depletion of energy. We need to provide a steady stream of raw materials so we're able to create new products that are desired in the marketplace.

Our personal corporations require specific raw materials.
·         Healthful, nutritious food
·         Regular vigorous exercise      
·         Sufficient rest
·         A positive mental attitude
·         A fully functioning Nervous System and Spine – CRITICAL
If we're not receiving sufficient amounts of any of these inputs, the debit side of our balance sheet increases. We don't have enough energy to accomplish our daily tasks, let alone do the things that will make our corporation and lives profitable. With sufficient inputs we have energy to spare and our corporation thrives.

What are some of the outputs a healthy personal corporation provides? Everything we all want, a healthy, happy family and life. Also, other things like: a creative work environment, ongoing engagement in rewarding social activities, an ongoing experience of accomplishment, positive self-expression, peace and joy. Simply put, an opportunity to live a life of significance and leave a lasting legacy to those left behind!

Therefore, in order for our personal corporation to continue to grow and prosper, its basic needs must be met.  It's important to have all departments working efficiently and effectively. Similar to an accountant reviewing the financial health of a corporation, Chiropractic reviews its physical health. "Adjustments" are made wherever and whenever necessary, enabling your personal corporation to continue to evolve and prosper toward the profit center, the green wellness zone.

This zone is where the major profit and return on your investment lies. Striving for the green will yield a quality of life superior than the other colored zones.  Wellness oriented chiropractors are driven to improve this bottom line. The objective is to assist, lead, and guide entire families and communities toward living in the green zone, a wellness lifestyle. Surely the alternative does not look attractive?
Side note:  keep in mind, the red or green direction is a choice. You either actively pursue and enjoy the fruits of your labor or you passively live the average American lifestyle and become an unfortunate statistic. 
As always, the beginning of the year motivates everyone to start moving toward being ‘healthier’.  Some may even have a game plan; however, few have a chiropractor on their team.  Therefore, shortly after a few weeks, it’s put aside due to injury, motivation or life.  Make this year different by doing something different, GO TO A WELLNESS ORIENTED CHIROPRACTOR!  It’s your partner in getting from point to point with the end result being a life we are genetically programmed to live. A life filled with health, vitality, happiness and endless possibilities.  Isn’t this the mindset and example we want to instill in our children?  Imagine the difference it can have in all the areas of your life?  More profitability, more energy, and available resources to ensure you become part of the solution and not a statistic!   
Make 2014 the year YOU dictate your direction. BE proactive and take the following steps.
1.      Relax. Restoring one's health is possible.  The body is continuously changing.  Adding positive health habits will yield the results we all want and drive you toward the wellness green zone, regardless of your current standing.
2.      Decision or denial?  Whether you are consciously aware of it or totally oblivious of the following fact, your awareness of health has an impact on your direction.  Our human body requires an interference free nervous system and spine so that you can achieve higher levels of health and well being.  Our human body’s health is constantly improving or digressing.  This is a fact and here’ another one, our lifestyle choices drive the direction. Therefore, spend more time each day getting stronger with positive choices and through the INSIDE OUT approach chiropractic offers.
3.      Contact our office or a wellness oriented chiropractor local to you to develop a winning game plan for you and your family to succeed in 2010.
4.      Sign up for our free community newsletter on our new interactive website.  Loaded with video exercises, articles, advice and recommendations on how to drive you toward the wellness green zone.      
Lastly, realize there is a non disputable truth regarding the human body.  Chiropractors have been educating and lecturing the masses for over 100 years toward the truth that the human body's God given intelligence is genetically programmed to strive for health, balance and homeostasis.  Being healthy and balanced requires accountability, personal responsibility and knowledgeable choices.  Chiropractic care is the natural non invasive, gentle and proactive solution because the goal of a wellness oriented chiropractor is clear.  Drive as many as possible toward the destination of HEALTH and WELLNESS.  

This year choose to be proactive by being part of the solution to our National Healthcare problem.  Understand that the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle is the solution.  If you are interested in learning more about Chiropractic or have any questions about the state of your personal corporation, please visit our website at or call my office at 205-991-3511.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chiropractic Today Blog: Happy Hump Day!

Chiropractic Today Blog: Happy Hump Day!: Happy Hump Day! Today is our last day of the week. Don't forget we will be CLOSED on Friday. Get in Today before 1:30pm. See you here!!!...

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day! Today is our last day of the week. Don't forget we will be CLOSED on Friday. Get in Today before 1:30pm. See you here!!!