Dr. Irma Leon Palmer

Who am I?
I graduated in 1992 from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia, and completed my residency in Miami, Florida. I am married to the love of my life, Mike, and have a beautiful daughter, Brianna. I have been established in practice since 1993, and am a bilingual educator on the topics of health & wellness to both the American & Hispanic communities. I have extensive public speaking experience and have created a powerful lecture series entitled Every Body For Life.

Why I became a Chiropractor?
As with any active young woman, playing competitive softball and approaching the time to sign an athletic scholarship, I secretly suffered with lower back pain and severe menstrual cycles. At that time I was told this pain was just part of being a woman. No one seemed to understand that the pain I was experiencing and the irregularity of my cycle was affecting more than just my physical well being. It was having an impact on my social, mental and emotional life as well. It was not until I suffered a severe softball collision that my parents took me to see my first Chiropractor. The relief of my lower back pain was an expected outcome, however, the resolution of my severe menstrual cramps was above my expectations. The true bonus was the overall improvement of my physical performance on the softball field. Needless to say, it was this experience that shaped the course for the life I have today both personally and professionally.

What is my approach?
It is hard to accept that while Alabama is #1 in football we are ranked 48th in our Nation on health. This drops us four slots from last year. Our state and community needs help more than ever before. Our society is over drugged and under informed about exciting opportunities to enhance our lives and promote our health. It is my goal to share my strategy, passion and expertise of how to live a healthy, energetic, and purposeful life filled with hope, endless possibilities and abundant health, from a natural point of view. My Chiropractic approach to Total Natural Health focuses on two key elements, a healthy and fully functioning Nervous System and spinal column. These in conjunction with other elements such as eating a natural diet, daily physical activity and healthy thinking contribute to maximizing your body's health potential. Total Natural Health is about removing limitations and developing specific gradual, sustainable life enhancing habits that are easy to implement and lead to a healthier and vibrant you! I feel that by targeting the influencers "MFTP's", (Mothers, Fathers, Teachers, and Preachers) we can change the attitudes, awareness, behavior and overall direction of health in the State of Alabama.

Where am I heading?
It has always been my dream to open a Chiropractic Community Wellness Center where families can come and experience Total Natural Health first hand. A place that can be seen as a safe haven for adults, families and children to come and participate in activities that will allow them to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives and build their own wellness future. A place where one can identify where they are with their health and lifestyle choices. By utilizing Chiropractic principles and wellness lifestyle education, we can guide individuals to maximize their God given potential of being the best spouse, professional and individual possible. It is important to realize unless we look at our health from a different point of view, we will continue to repeat the past in our future. It is TIME to move forward and I look forward to helping this community make that move.

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